Jesus’ Ministry Model

How do you know if you have a biblical perspective of ministry? If you don’t know, do you know where to gain a biblical perspective? A good place to start is by observing Jesus’ earthly ministry. After all, Jesus knows best how to share the gospel and call others to himself. Let’s take a look at a few events from the gospel of John for some insight into Jesus ministry model. Do you remember these events?

The Woman at the Well
The Healing of the Lame Man
The Feeding of the Five Thousand
The Healing of the Blind Man

If you don’t remember these events well, be sure to click the links to brush up. Here are some observations from these events that give some insight into Jesus’ model for ministry:

  1. He Cared for the Outcasts and the Sinners. Jesus did not hesitate to give attention to the outcasts and sinners of society. In fact, he seemed to pay special attention to them. Perhaps these people were more open to his message than others. Whatever the reason, we see that Jesus placed a high value on the people that we naturally tend to disregard, and we should do the same.
  2. He Used Physical Needs to Demonstrate Spiritual Needs. Jesus often offered to fulfill physical needs for people, then he demonstrated to them how their needs are similar to their physical needs. He did this when he drew water for the woman at the well then offered her “living water.” He did it when he fed bread and fish to the five thousand then told them he was the bread of life. And he did it when he healed the blind man, using the opportunity to explain what it means to be spiritually blind and have spiritual sight. So don’t pass up the chance to share the gospel as you help others with their physical needs. Jesus did this all the time.
  3. He Called People out of Their Sin. Have you noticed that Jesus never hesitated to call people out of their sin? Jesus didn’t skirt around the truth, and we shouldn’t either. He cared enough to point out sin and call them to a better life. It would have been unloving for him to leave them in their sin, and it is unloving for us to do the same. However, our motive for calling people out of their sin should always be to point them to life in Christ and never for our own gain or ego.

Recognizing Jesus’ model of ministry is helpful in guiding us in our ministry today. It is also helpful in presenting to us how we should deal with sin as well as how to balance words and action. Hopefully this is encouraging and helpful for you as you share the gospel with the world!


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