The Creation Account – Literal or Metaphorical?

How should we regard the account of creation in the book of Genesis? There is much debate over whether the Bible gives a literal account of the creation of the world or whether it’s just metaphorical. Many ask whether it matters if the world was created in 6 literal days or some other amount of time. So the questions is: Does it really matter what you believe in 6 literal days of creation? The answer is a resounding YES! Here’s why:

Deciding what we believe about the the Genesis account of creation shows what we  truly believe about the Bible. Rejecting six literal days of creation in lieu of another time table requires a person to believe that God’s word could contain errors. If we begin to reject God’s word from the very beginning, which is the foundation of the Bible, what else might we find to be in error? Essentially, by refusing to take the Bible literally, we attempt to put ourselves in the place of God by determining for ourselves what is true an what isn’t.

One might argue that they aren’t putting themselves in God’s place by not believe in a literal, six day creation, and to that I would ask this: If it’s not you but God who is deciding what’s true in the Bible and what isn’t, how do you know any part of it is true? What if salvation itself isn’t literal and true? What do we do with that possibility? If one part of the Bible isn’t true, it opens the door for any part of the Bible to be in error and leaves us wondering what to believe and what to reject.

Furthermore, rejecting a literal, six day creation as recorded in Genesis makes God out to be a liar. If the Bible is God’s word and the very first words of his Word are a lie, how can God be trusted at al? Additionally, the Bible itself states that God does not lie. However, if we believe that God could have lied regarding His creation of the world, how could he be trusted at all?

See, either the Bible is 100% true or it is 100% unreliable. It’s impossible to have both because of God’s claim that he is not a liar. Regardless of what science says, if we believe the word of God to be true, the Bible must get the final word on what we believe.

Some may say, “there’s room in my believe for the fact that a ‘day’ may be some other length of time to the celestial being that God is,” which may or may not be true; however, some people, like my friend who’s runs a  landscape management company in Zionsville Indiana who claim that the science surrounding the Big Bang theory  actually lends credibility to the Bible–particularly the great flood.  In his explanation, he encouraged me to take a clear bottle and fill it with soil; once full, I was to add water to the bottle and shake it all up and allow the particles to settle in the bottom of the bottle.  Once settled, he told me I would find that the more dense particles lay on the bottom, while the lighter and less dense particles made visible layers all the way to the fill line–just as we find in the earth’s layers of the crust.

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