Good News

The Cost of the Gospel

What is the cost of the gospel? This is a loaded question with various answers depending on the angle at which you look at it. In one sense, the gospel is free to those who believe, but it is only free because someone else paid a price for it. Additionally, living out a gospel-centered life does come at a cost.

The Free Part:
God offers salvation freely to all who believe. We don’t have to earn it or pay for it monetarily. It is a free gift to us, and he is pleased to reconcile us, his children, to himself when we believe.

The Cost for Christ:
While salvation is a free gift to those who believe, it did come at a price. Jesus Christ, God’s son paid the debt we should owe for our sin. God sent his only son to be humbled, live life in a world tainted by sin, endure temptation, and eventually be crucified by his own people. Jesus, who lived a sinless life on this earth, paid a high price, albeit willingly, for our free salvation because it was the only solution to our eternal separation for God.

The Cost to Us:
God’s grace is free to us, but he does call us to obey him, and sometimes this is costly. We do not have obey in order to earn or maintain our salvation but because our hearts have been changed and regenerated by the Lord. Sometimes, obedience costs us in the sense that we have to deny our own desires in lieu of submitting to God’s, and other time obedience is costly because it affects what others think and feel about us. It is not uncommon for Christians to be persecuted by those around them simply because they profess Jesus Christ as their savior. In fact, Jesus told his followers to expect persecution from the world because they would not understand.

Is the cost worth it to you? Do you pay the price gladly? Remember, Jesus was our example. He suffered much to pay the cost of our salvation, and now it is a privilege to suffer for his sake in order to spread the god news to the world.